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Storyteller at Heart

I’ve always been a deep dreamer and optimist.  I love creating a story based on a snippet of my dream. I love engaging with my readers and giving tidbits about what I am working on. Readers interest keeps me motivated to continue writing!
I once wrote a book about a horse academy in high school but unfortunately stopped after 3 chapters. I also wrote poems but have lost them all many years ago. I am excited to have rekindled my love of writing! 
Author, mother of two and military wife life. I also work full time and writing is my therapy. 

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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m a Reverse Harem Indie Author with a unique writing style that provides a reading experience unlike any other. 

I’m so overjoyed and tickled by the positive responses my work has received and I want to develop that connection with a wider audience. I’m looking forward to sharing my future stories as they come to reality!

See my WIP for what I’m up to currently! 

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Works In Progress

I am currently working on the overhaul on the hybrid harem series. It will be substantially more detailed with emotional depth and description. The characters have been talking and it’s going to be beautiful. This will be a trilogy when I am done. 

In other news, I’ll be working on expanding Rising Cinder into a full standalone novel. It already has a cover! I still have other works ahead of me that you can look for in 2020!

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